All ideas are creative. The difference is that some speak for themselves.

Marketing is a crucial step for every movie. Finding your target audience is big step in this. We at unisys helps in increasing the fan base, create a buzz online and get media exposure. A key part of a film’s success is how well it has been marketed. People would not know a film exists without marketing. When a film goes into production, it needs to be advertised like any other product and get audience excited to go see it.

Marketing Ways

We at Unisys Infosolutions marketing movies and music by creating a buzz about it.

Creating a Plan

For our home production or movies from other producers we always prepare marketing plan because every movie is different so our plan is, This is something we call it our intellectual property.

Developing Audience

We find our film audience and we are creating a persona of our ideal audience, analyze their interests and then market to them. We target that audience digitally and physically.

Movie Promotions

It includes the creating the promotional material, Press release for Media houses, PR is crucial step in spreading the buzz about our movie. It also includes the our physical marketing strategies as well.